Daily Bulletin

Fillmore Central Middle School Bulletin for Tuesday, April 25, 2017


BREAKFAST Monday: Pancake; Tuesday: Banana bread and yogurt; Wednesday: Egg and cheese croissant; Thursday: French Toast; Friday: Breakfast pizza. THIS MENU WILL BE THE SAME FOR THE ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR. Cold breakfast will be offered daily.

LUNCH Tuesday: Taco salad; Wednesday: Sloppy joes; Thursday: Lasagna; Friday: Pizza.

TABLE WASHERS 5th Grade: Kathryn Godown, Bryson Hafer, Domonic Harding; 6th Grade: Jayden Wolf, Kaydee Auld, Madison Baxa; 7th Grade: Finn Neiman, Dakota Nun, Aiyana Rhoten.

8TH GRADERS Turn in your field trip permission form to the office or Mr. Wheeler as soon as possible.

VOLLEYBALL There are volleyball camp registration forms in the office. If you are interested in any volleyball camps, please come to the office to take a look.

8TH GRADERS Please start bringing a childhood/infant picture and a current picture for the 8th grade graduation bulletin board? Please bring your pictures to the office. Mrs. Schiermeyer will work on putting the bulletin board up the week of May 1st-5th.

SILVER CIRCLE The Silver Circle of Friends (8th graders) will be meeting on Wednesday, April 26th.

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL On, Tuesday, April 25, there will be a boys basketball meeting for all 8th grade boys going out for basketball in 9th grade in Mr. High’s room at the high school. The meeting will be right after the busses get to the high school. Please let Coach Wheeler or Coach High know if you have any questions.

ESR There will be NO ESR on Thursday of this week.

THURSDAY LUNCH If you are in track, you will eat lunch at 12:03 on Thursday. If you do NOT do track, you will eat at 12:19.

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