Daily Bulletin

Fillmore Central Middle School Bulletin for Monday, April 23, 2018


TABLE WASHERS 5th Grade: Kiffin Theobald, Jarin Tweedy, Haizie Verzani; 6th Grade: Bryson Hafer, Amari Hall, Domonic Harding; 7th Grade: Kaydee Auld, Emily Bonilla, Liz Bracha.

MENU Tuesday: Taco salad; Wednesday: Sloppy joes; Thursday: Lasagna; Friday: Pizza.

5TH GRADERS Field trip day!!! Do not sign up for a school lunch today.

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Circle of Friends Black Group will be meeting today, Tuesday, April 24 at 12:03 in Mrs. Bergen's room. Participants are: Bob Smith, Hunter Stewart, Aiyana Rhoten, Bryan Clift, Kellan Wusk, Jordyn Cheyney, Teneal Barbur, Dakota Nun, and Bella Lichti.

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